Wednesday, January 7, 2009

This will make you jealous

Sandy knit this bag. Seriously. She knit it. She felted it. She needle felted it. She sewed it. She found the handles. She sewed those. If you think you are as good as Sandy, here are the specs: Ravenna Satchel from (the link will get you there), knit out of good ol' Cascade 220. In fact, if you think you're as good as Sandy, we're expecting a new shipment of Cascade 220 in today so you can get started on your Ravenna immediately.

Oh, you have other things to do? You still have that sweater that needs sleeves? A baby is on the way who needs a garter stitch blanket? Yeah, that's what I thought.


Holly said...

Oh!! I want one!!!!

Courtney Paris said...

Holy Frick!!!

Margaret said...

I am not as good as Sandy. I do, however, FINALLY have a Wicked sweater!

Anonymous said...

Sandy, You did an awesome job. I can add it to my wish list!!

Johnnie Stone said...

Wonderful bag Sandy. Very creative:)
I love felting and seeing others projects. Very inspiring.