Monday, January 12, 2009

The Hermione Sweater

Because Becca is such a dork--I mean, FAN of all things Harry Potter, she knitted up Hermione's Sweater from the new movie. She adapted a yoked Fair Isle sweater from the Book The Best of Interweave and knitted it NOT out of Cascade 220, but Rowan Pure Wool Aran.

Wait, the new movie hasn't come out yet? That's because Becca went trolling for publicity photos of the new movie, found a picture of the sweater, found a chart of the pattern on Hermione's sweater (because someone is a bigger FAN than Becca), and adjusted the sweater pattern to house the fair isle chart. She did this all in time to wear it during the movie when it was supposed to be in November. But now that they've moved the release date to July, there's only question: is Becca such a fan that she'll wear her wool Hermione sweater in the summer? I wouldn't put it past her.


Ballistic Knitter said...

that is some really great fair isling you got going on there! nice!

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