Friday, August 8, 2008

Irene's Bloody Knitting

Like many girls before her, Irene has developed a healthy appreciation of Johnny Depp. But instead of watching all of his movies and hoping that Winona Ryder would just go away as we used to do, Irene watches his movies over and over and appreciates his acting ability. And his collaborations with Tim Burton. And his charisma. And his timeless good looks--I mean, acting ability!

But Irene has taken her Depp obsession beyond the limits of normal teen awe. She's a knitter, after all. She's the one who did painstakingly knit his face into the side of a tote bag.

Irene, a huge fan of Sweeney Todd, has taken to knitting meat pies. Disgusting, grotesque, terrifying meat pies.

Can't believe a girl so innocent looking is capable? Here's a closer look.

Yep, that's a mouse. Standing on a pile of bloody gore oozing out of the meat pie. And yes, the mouse is chewing on a discolored finger, poking it's way out of the rotten meat pie. On the other side, you're missing a couple of cockroaches and another finger. Irene has even written the whole pattern down for us. I promise to have it up on the website in time for Halloween.

(Thanks, Ruth, for the pictures! Keep 'em coming, y'all!)