Sunday, June 20, 2010

Audrey in Unst

Just because I wasn't blogging doesn't meant that I wasn't knitting. Here's one of my FO: Audrey in Unst from the Fall 2009 Twist Collective, knit out of Misti Alpaca Tonos Pima Silk DK in neon yellow. I made the fourth size and it took 3 skeins. The real color name is "Roasted Corn" but I don't think that conveys just how loud and obnoxious this color really is. Hey, I'm a child of the eighties--I love me some bright ass yellow!

This was one of those situations where I fell in love with the pattern and the yarn separately. I would dream about this cardigan, wondering what yarn I could possibly use. Simultaneously, a skein of this yarn would end up sitting next to me at the table. And a few skeins were even squirreled away in the back. But it really took me a while to make the connection.

Despite the tiny needles (the pattern calls for US 4 but I used US 3 because those were the only needles I had at the time--it was late at night and I wanted to get started so I told myself that 3 and 4 were practically the same needle--and then later I wondered why the sweater was a smidge too small...hmmmm) this was a really fast knit. The body of the sweater is done from the bottom up and the sleeve stitches are picked up from around the arm hole. The pattern incorporates ingenious short rows to shape the cap. And the lace was fun and easy.

Tonya was good enough to model the sweater for me. She even wore a green shirt and everything. (In this picture I told her to "do a Kevin pose." Not enough muscle-flexing, but good attitude.) Can you believe that it was only four months ago when Tonya has a baby? That's right, Johnny is four months old and Tonya is looking and feeling great. I'd like to say that it is all the sweater's doing because it's just that fantastic, but I'm sure that it has more to do with breastfeeding and Johnny finally sleeping mostly through the night.

Here's a close up of the unst. It's a great stitch with an awful name. Reminds me of smocking and it's very easy.

You can also see that I still haven't put the buttons on it. After I finished it and realized that US 3 needles are in fact smaller than US 4, I also realized that no amount of cajoling could get my pregnant boobs into that cardigan anyway. So for now, it's button-less, but no less wearable. It's the perfect summer sweater--great over a tank.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Tangled up in Yarn

I've been trying to get some knitting done, but it seems like every time I get going on a project, I turn away for a second only to find this:

Tangled yarn all over the living room. Chewed up needles. I find myself spending more time untangling than I do knitting. Needless to say I've learned to put my knitting up high when I'm not around.

Because who knows when the beagle will strike!

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Gorilla Knitting

And now for some Gorilla Knitting....

Okay. It's a bad pun, I know. But I've been meaning to blog about this sweater for a while. And then the gorilla was wearing it. And the last post was about Guerilla Knitting....yeah, it was lame.

But not the sweater. This Presto Chango [rav link]. The smallest size took one skein of Cascade Sierra.

The thing that I love about this sweater is that panel. The idea is, that babies are messy. But this sweater is part bib. (Does that make it a swib? OMG, what the heck is my problem today! I'm seriously being so dorky!) Anyway, the baby pukes all over the front and PRESTO CHANGO, you replace the panel!

And the panels can all be different. Just think of all the various combinations. Instead of making a sweater for every holiday, you make one sweater and three or four panels. Or it you aren't sure if the baby is a boy or a girl, make the sweater in a neutral color and gender-fy the panels.

I also think you could remove the panel entirely and it would make a cute shrug.

Well, there were a few Presto Chango's made in the Baby Sweater class and those knitters seemed to enjoy it.

And the gorilla seems to enjoy wearing it. He hasn't taken it off yet, has he?

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Guerilla Knitting

Paul sent us this picture from Austin, TX. That is a knitted argyle street lamp cozy. And I thought knitting my Christmas stockings was bad enough...

For more, check out this Flickr group for Guerilla Knitting. I know our own Irene has attempted to start the trend in the Highlands, but unfortunately, no pictures were ever taken. I guess Irene and her Guerilla Knitting are now only the stuff of legends.

Monday, June 7, 2010


Ellen accidentally left her priest collar on the table. It just goes to show that you can't leave your stuff at a yarn store. You put something down on a table for one second and before you know it, somebody's crocheted a cozy for it.

Friday, June 4, 2010


Nope, I didn't die.

Actually, the exact opposite has happened. Yep, I'm 13 weeks pregnant, due December 10. (I figured I'd throw you that little tidbit. That way you wouldn't be so judgmental about my blog neglect.)

But I'm feeling more like myself these days and thought that since April and May got completely away from me, that I'd give June a try.

So, I was just looking through some saved pictures on my computer, figuring that I could through up a gratuitous beagle shot (because what's a blog post without a picture?) when I came across this beautiful item.

Did I ever blog about this? I actually went back to the blog and scrolled back a year (don't worry, it didn't take long) and I didn't see it. So I figure that if I blogged about it more than a year ago, then you all forgot about it anyway, so I'd just go ahead and blog about it anyway.

This is Margie's Hemlock, made out of some Debbie Bliss Stella she procured on sale last summer.

It never would have occurred to me to use this yarn for this project (I made mine out of Cascade Heritage because I follow directions--particularly when Jared Flood is the person doing the telling) but I think it turned out beautifully. The stitch definition is out of control. Now, because Margie used a smaller yarn, the blanket isn't very big. But I think you know where I'm headed with this. Smaller yarn. Cotton. Smaller blanket. Hmmm....there might be another Hemlock in my future.

Oh, and speaking of the Summer Sale, it's on the schedule for July 10.

Oh, and one more thing: did you check out Tonya's blog post about her Spud & Chloe pattern? It's absolutely adorable! Congratulations, Tonya!

Okay, before I completely pull a Kevin (you know, not blog for months only to blog a novella once I do finally get to it), I'll let you go. And hopefully, I'll be back before August.