Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Six Week Sweater Class

Flattering ribbing, interesting construction--Ysolda Teague does it again.

The Snow White class starts Tuesday, April 13 6-8 pm. Ask us for details.
Other classes that are starting soon. Check out the website.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Extreme Knitting

Check this out:


I will never ever complain about untangling the two or three skeins of yarn in my bag ever again.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Empire Waist Cardigan

Yep, it's another FO!

This is the Empire Waist Cardigan by Pam Allen from the Classic Elite book New Harbor. I had looked through this book many times. I love Pam Allen (she's so sensible!) and also all of the models are standing next to the ocean while wearing their hand knit sweaters, and sometimes they are even walking in the ocean with rubber galoshes. For some reason, whenever I am looking for a knitting pattern, this is a prerequisite for me. Also, if there are any dogs or puppies involved. That usually convinces me to make the sweater, too. (As you can see, I am not nearly as sensible as Pam!)

But as I was saying, I looked through this book a lot, but I never ever noticed this sweater. Maybe it was the yarn choice (brindled light blue cotton). More likely it was that this model was just standing against a building and not next to the ocean at all. But for whatever reason, this sweater didn't even register. Until I saw it on A Friend to Knit With and I saw what a wearable, wonderful sweater this really is (and yes, in her pictures, she was standing next to the ocean--it never hurts. Me, I have no ocean. So I model with dogs. It's a close second.)


Pattern: Provence Marl Empire Waist Cardigan by Pam Allen

Source: Classic Elite booklet #9098, New Harbor

Yarn: RYC Silk Wool DK, approximately 13 skeins

Needles: US 5, 6, and 7
And by the way, the little beagle in the pictures is our new dog, Desmond! We adopted him last week. The St. Tropez sweater worked!

Monday, March 15, 2010

The Polar Bear

Okay, Bekah emailed me these pictures weeks ago. In fact, she finished the Polar Bear months ago. She even brought it in, along with her adorable baby Seth. There she was, in the shop, bear and baby in hand. It was a perfect opportunity to take a picture for a blog post.

Bekah, never shy about bossing people around (she's a teacher as well as a girl after my own heart) told me to get the camera and take a picture so I would have something to blog about.

"But my camera is way over THERE!" I whined, pointing to the office that was precisely five feet away. (And we wonder why this blog isn't updated more frequently. Hmmmm....)

Luckily, Bekah took the initiative and sent me pics of the Polar Bear herself. Here he is.

I believe she knit him out of Blue Sky Organic Cotton. And she used safety eyes, I remember, because I marveled at such technological advances (I don't get out much). No clue where she got the pattern (Was it a book? Something about knitted toys? Is it at the Louisville Public Library?) but I know for a fact that the pattern was British because this bear is constructed from no less than five hundred little pieces that must be sewn together.

Of course, it took Bekah forever to knit it. Never mind that she was pregnant and working full time, and then caring for an infant. It took her almost a year to complete this project and I'm blaming it on the pattern. So now I don't feel so bad about taking a few weeks to blog about it. This bear has been a long time coming!
Our Stuffed Animal class just started last night, so hopefully this will be the first of many stuffed animals to make its way onto the blog. If you're interested in knitting a bear, I really recommend Otto by Ysolda Teague. He is made all in one piece, in the round, so there is absolutely no finishing (except for putting his face and ears on). Ysolda is Scottish and so she is much more practical than the British designers. Except she loves crazy cast ons. It must be a UK thing.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

St. Tropez

Remember this sweater?
Yeah, I barely remembered it either. I entered it in the fair last year and then I brought it over to Cindy's to block and I never saw it again. That is, until I went over to her house to watch the Oscars and I wore it home.

I wore the sweater yesterday (yep, still unblocked). It's comfortable and as flattering as any hand knit I've ever made (which means, it's still wonky, but pretty much wearable--hey, maybe BLOCKING might solve some of those issues!) But it's a cotton sweater! With short sleeves! And it's called St. Tropez which sounds so tropical! So wearing my wonky, unblocked St. Tropez, I felt intoxicated. I ate some questionable sushi, drank too much wine, and almost adopted a dog over the phone.

I had so much fun making bad decisions, that I decided to wear it again today!

Pattern: St Tropez by Sarah Hatton (Rowan Mag #45)
Yarn: Cotton Glace (the gray was frogged from another sweater, the red was from the shop--I don't remember how much. Aren't I so helpful?)