Thursday, May 31, 2007

Awesome Possum

While the camera was out of commission, we had a new member attend our Stitch and Bitch. This is Junebug. Despite her apprehensions, Nicole is holding her. It must be that maternal instinct kicking in.

Suzanne, our crochet teacher, rescued her (notice the crocheted leash the possum is sporting?). Junebug was near death, having been licked to near oblivion by a very enthusiastic dog. There has been discussion about using her soft baby fur in future spinning endeavors, but for now, Junebug is content being nestled in a baby hat made out of Blue Sky Dyed Cotton. (PS- the hat is marked $20, not the animal.)

Thanks to Whitney for documenting this event!

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

May has flown by...

I apologize that it's been so long since I last posted. The digital camera has been on the fritz, but besides that May has just flown by and boy have we been busy! Since I don't have any pictures to post, I will borrow some from Liz, of Knit and Coffee blog fame. She bought some Katia Jamaica to continue her miter square blanket and it is absolutely gorgeous. I'm also adding her blog to our list (I can't believe we overlooked you, Liz!).

Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Yarn Swaps, Maryhurst, and Derby Hats

Last Thursday, we hosted our first yarn swap at the Knit Nook, proving that one person's stash is another's treasure. We had a great turn out. Paulette even made some delicious homemade Derby pie!

And at the end of the night, we collected all of this yarn for the girls at Maryhurst. If you would like to donate yarn or other knitting and crochet supplies, please bring them to the Knit Nook. We go every Wednesday, so if you're interested in volunteering, let us know!

In other news, Miriam finished her hat! Just in time to lend it out for Derby!

It's crocheted out of wire and thread. Miriam actually learned how to crochet so she could make this hat, and she did! It was hard going, but third time's the charm!

Friday, May 4, 2007

The Persistence of Knitters

I will never complain about having to knit a second mitten ever again. Check this out.

Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Stuffed Animal Class

We've added some new knitting classes to the summer schedule, particularly for beginners. The Roll Brim Hat, Baby Kimono, and Felted Bag classes are fantastic projects that don't require any purling. The Cable Purse, Fitted Tank, and Sock Workshop offer great opportunities for beginning knitters to gain confidence and skills. And then there's the Stuffed Animal class.

Check out the fish.
Made out of Rowan Handknit Cotton, this fish is colorful, washable, and easy! Put a rattle inside, and you've got a wonderful baby gift.

Plus, this project is a great way to learn shaping and seaming techniques.

The class meets Wednesday May 30, June 6, 13, and 20, 6-8 pm. The price is $80, materials (yarn, needles, and pattern) included.

Doesn't the Louisa Harding Flotsam look an awful lot like water?