Thursday, January 8, 2009

Irene is awesome, part 587

Irene knit a pair of sneakers. She even cut up an old pair, reused the soles, and attached them to the knitted shoe by making holes with an awl. Even the laces are I-cords. And the Fleur di Lis emblem is an old playing card.

The design is her own (of course) and the yarn is a hodge podge of scraps (I'm sure there's some Lamb's Pride in there). Every time I have scrap yarn I don't know what to do with, I give it to Irene, because I know the yarn will eventually have an interesting home.
I have a feeling that one day, Irene will be a famous fiber artist, knitting things like this, and then we will all get to say we knew her when!


Balls of Yarn said...

Irene is such a hardcore badass knitter...

Anonymous said...

Irene, you constantly amaze me with your talents!

Anonymous said...

Irene is a wonder. Knit on girl!
what Kevin said!