Friday, August 24, 2007

Free Pattern: Tapestry Hat

Rowan Tapestry is a wonderful blend of 70% wool and 30% soybean fiber. It's soft, fuzzy, and with beautiful color variations. When we first got this yarn in last winter, I took a skein home to play with. I came up with this hat. Enjoy!

Tapestry Hat

1 skein of Rowan Tapestry (although some people said they needed a tiny bit of a second skein)
US 6 16 inch circular
US 6 DP needles

CO 99 sts, place marker and join in round. Work in K1, P2 rib for 1 inch.
Knit next round and increase 31 sts evenly (about every 3 st or so) across round. (130 sts)

Work in Mock Cable as follows:
Rnd 1: *P2, sl 1, K 2, pass slipped stitch over both knitted stitches, repeat to end.
Rnd 2: *P2, K 1, yarn over, K1, repeat to end.
Rnd 3 and 4: *P2, K3, repeat to end.

Repeat Mock Cable 10 times. Then, work Rnd 1 and 2 of Mock Cable.

Begin decreases as follows, changing to DP when necessary:
Rnd 1: K8, K 2 tog tbl, rep to end.
Rnd 2: K7, K 2 tog tbl, rep to end.
Rnd 3: K 6, K 2 tog tbl, rep to end.
Rnd 4: K 5, K 2 tog tbl, rep to end.
Rnd 5: K 4, K 2 tog tbl, rep to end.
Rnd 6: K 3, K 2 tog tbl, rep to end.
Rnd 7: K 2, K 2 tog tbl, rep to end.
Rnd 8: K 1, K 2 tog tbl, rep to end.
Rnd 9-11: K 2 tog tbl, rep to end.

Cut a long tail, and with tapestry needle, thread the remaining stitches and pull it tight. Weave in loose ends to finish.


Lora said...

OH I'd love to see a gallery of finished hats!! May have to try this one! :)

WickedStitchWitch said...

Nice hat! I may have to give it a whirl. After-all a gal can never have too many hats!

Anonymous said...

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Ruatha said...

I loved working this pattern, thank you.

I was a little puzzled about Rnd 11, though. With 13sts left, it wasn't possible to K2togtbl across the whole row. Just a little thing

Anonymous said...

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