Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Hat & Mittens: Crochet Edition

Nothing quite puts you in the mood for knitting like a snow day.

(Even though, here I am, at the shop. Nobody's here. I'm wondering if I shouldn't just close up and go sledding like the rest of you all. If you show up today and I'm not here, then check the big hill at Cherokee park.)

So knitting and snow days. But what about crochet? Crocheters aren't only about doilies and granny squares. They need to keep warm on snow days too.

Suzanne will be teaching Hat and Mittens: Crochet Edition Wednesday, February 11, 18, and 25, 6-8 pm. Here are some examples of her handy work (and they are also free patterns on her website) even though your hat and mittens are allowed to be grown up sized and all one color. Check out the class schedule for more information.

And those are her adorable children modeling the handmades. (What's the crochet version of handknits? Handcrots? Doesn't have the same ring to it, does it?)


Courtney Paris said...

yeah! Thanks for including us lowly crochet-ers in a post! We need some lovins too! :-)

Anonymous said...

The shop is going to get slammed when this snow-imposed-imprisonment ends. Knitting at home is NOT the same as knitting with friends at the Knit Nook.
Maybe the person who arrives first, (possibly me), will dust the floor for all the young folks who will find themselves sitting on the floor because all the chairs in the house are taken.
I hope everyone is warm and cozy and not quite out of yarn ...
The Mayor

Anonymous said...

I am out of yarn. I've almost finished the baby sweater with the skein that Jonathan brought me on Tuesday. All I need is enough for a couple of rows on the hood and to sew it up. I will be going to the Knit Nook today if I have to walk there!