Monday, November 30, 2009

Hat and Mitten Class

We've got our first Hat and Mitten Class of the season starting tomorrow night (that's Tuesday, December 1 for those of you still confused from Thanksgiving about what day it is). What surprises me is that only one person has signed up. Now, people, I know it hasn't been very cold outside and that you haven't needed a hat or mittens when venturing out of doors, but you will! In a few short weeks (or even days, according to some) the weather around here will get very chilly and you will wonder if your basic knitting skills could somehow convert a few skeins of yarn into precious items of winter warm clothing. And then you'll be sorry that you didn't take advantage of this special opportunity!

So, to review: Tuesday, December 1, 6 pm. The Knit Nook. Hat and Mittens Class. Sign up.

Friday, November 13, 2009

Yarn Amnesty Day

If you've been to the Knit Nook lately, you'll notice that there's a lot of yarn. I know that's kind of like saying, "Hey, look at this water. It's really wet!" (I mean, we are a yarn store: who else would have a lot of yarn?) But seriously. Even by our standards, there's a lot of yarn around.

Particularly in the office. Now whenever you, our loyal and lovely customer, comes into the shop and wonders if you need five skeins or six for the vest you are knitting, I will usually offer to put a skein in the back for you (because I am JUST that helpful!) So, in the back that skein goes. Now multiply that scenario by five hundred and you can see just how crowded the office is getting. Even I've thought about cleaning it (and if you ask Cindy, that means the situation is dire!)

To combat this problem, we've declared November 23 Yarn Amnesty Day. That's when all of the yarn imprisoned without charge or representation will be freed. So, if you have yarn in the back that you would like us to hold for you beyond November 23, please call and claim your skeins. Otherwise, back into the wide world it goes! (Or, back on the shelves in the tiny yarn store.)

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Finished Object

Oh, this old thing? It was just something I whipped up when I didn't know what else to knit!

This is the Benbecula Sweater (which I always pronounce as "Bunnicula" in my head) from the newest Rowan Magazine (46), knit out of Rowan Felted Tweed Aran in color 729 (soot). I made a size medium, but I think I only needed 12 balls.
It's not blocked yet, so it's kind of wonky in the front (an aside: why do knitters always have to point out the flaws of their knitting?!), but I'm sure it will be beautiful when I finally get around to it! I know, it's been finished for a while, but in my defense, I knitted this sweater in less than a month, so I'm kind of owed some knitting time on the back end, and the 80 degree weather does not encourage sweater making!
I really recommend the Felted Tweed Aran. Although it's very different from the Scottish Tweed (and not really an appropriate substitute if you ask me), it's a softer tweed than most, but still sturdy enough to make a good solid sweater. And it has wonderful stitch definition as demonstrated by the thirty million cables on this sweater.

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Holly by Hand

Collen (the blogless) mentioned today that she was having trouble getting to Holly's blog. I told her that Holly had changed her blog.

"But I click on Knit on my Cat from the Knit Nook blog," Colleen said.

I told her Knit on my Cat was no more, that Holly had a new blog.

"Yes, but I click on it from the Knit Nook blog and there's nothing there," Colleen insisted.

Oh. Yeah. I forgot to update the link. Thanks for the reminder, Colleen!

So now if you want to see what Holly is up to, she is now Holly by Hand. Enjoy!

(Are there enough hyperlinks?)

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Just checking in...

Sorry! I've been so busy and then I blinked and it was November! Where did October go? Well, I promise pictures of some knitting and yarn next week. In the mean time, my laundry room--that began as a dream, then a promise, and most recently, a nag--might become an actuality this weekend! All these years of doing laundry in other places, and I've got more mismatched socks than pairs. But for some reason, I hate to just throw them away! Maybe I can make one of these:

I know those are gloves, but I don't have 1000 extra pairs of beautiful vintage gloves on hand. But torn up, mismatched socks with the elastic shot? I have a whole laundry basket! (And that's a rug I wouldn't mind walking on!)