Monday, January 11, 2010

Tonya's Baby Shower

(This picture was 100% stolen from Tonya's blog, but since it's in the service of her receiving a ton of presents, I figured she wouldn't mind.)

In case you didn't notice, Tonya is pregnant. Like really pregnant. (More pregnant than she was in this picture, that's for sure!) I know we're all still feeling a bit hung over from the holidays, but it's now time to pick up those needles and start a new project for a new person! (Eat a cookie for strength. Go ahead. You gave that New Year diet enough effort. It's been well over a week. Come on, one cookie won't matter.)
Once you finish said knitting project (let's say it's a hat) you weave in those ends and wrap it in tissue paper and bring it to the Knit Nook this Saturday around 3 pm for Tonya's shower. Maybe you bring a plate of cookies. I mean, the cookies you ate before don't count if everybody around you eats the same amount.
In conclusion: this Saturday, 3 pm is Tonya's shower. Bring something.
(And don't worry if you just can't stomach the idea of knitting something in the next six days. She's registered at Target.)
And speaking of New Year's resolutions, somebody asked me if I had resolved to write on the blog consistently only to give up on it halfway through the year. Ha. Ha. Ha. So very funny (she says totally dead pan and serious). Okay, maybe I did make a resolution to write once a week. I think that's totally manageable. It's like the years where I resolved to start drinking my coffee black or to start flossing more regularly. I set the bar low so that the goal is easily achievable. I set the bar low so that when I fail, I can say, "Meh, that was a stupid resolution that hardly even matters."
I hereby resolve to write on the blog once a week.

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