Thursday, January 14, 2010

Spring Class Schedule

Look at this! Blogging twice in one week! I'm so glad I set that New Year's Resolution bar so incredibly low that I could practically walk across it without tripping.

Anyway, I'm about to get on a plane to go back to Massachusetts. Jonathan's grandmother passed away a few days ago and so we're going to her funeral. So even though I won't be around this weekend, I've left you all a little gift. The Spring and Summer 2010 class schedule is up on the website!

As the weather breaks and tricks us all into thinking that spring might be coming, we can day dream about all the spring knitting projects on the horizon and all the classes you can take!

Have a great weekend and see you all next week!


The Mayor of the Knit Nook said...

Sorry to hear about Jonathan's grandmother.

We will try to keep the chairs warm (and the cash register ringing) until you get back.

Have a safe trip. I am off to drool over the classes!


Anonymous said...
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