Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Teeny Project Runway

Ann from Mason Dixon Knitting hosted a Teeny Project Runway Contest. My mom and I got right on that.
If you've been in our shop, you must recognize the penguin. We made her into a "modern day ice princess," and having her hold her fins and waddle that way down the runway really conveys that concept (for those of you who have been watching Project Runway Season 4, think Victoria during the candy project and you'll totally get the joke).

But that's not all! Tonya, the Shizknit, made a fierce look for her ugly doll. Even Nina Garcia can appreciate the genius of that gown!

The judges might die over it, or they might die because of it. Either way, it was a blast to participate. You can vote for your favorite here.


Tonya said...

Ha - I couldn't even vote for my Ugly Doll! If this were a presidential election, I would throw my votes to the penguin.

Rock the vote, people!

house on hill road said...

the penguin now has 83 votes.

Arts and Crafts said...

Oh! I adore the penguin, she is so cute.
I´ll try one of those.