Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Thank you!

Our 2nd annual Super Bowl Sunday Sale was a great success! There are no pictures of the event (sorry, Kevin), but that was because we were too damn busy selling yarn! Thanks to everybody who came out. We really value your support and friendship!

If you missed out on the sale, never fear. Our sale bins are replenished and we are in the process of shelving some pretty awesome spring yarn: Calmer, All Season's Cotton, Creative Focus Cotton, Silk Garden, with some Fixation, Cotton Fleece, and Blue Sky Cotton on it's way!

Because no blog entry is complete without a picture, here is one of Colleen's hat and a wonderful knitting story to go along with it.

After a few attempts, Colleen knitted the perfect hat. She threaded yarn through the bottom and everything to get the thing to stay on her small head. Unfortunately, she lost the it one day at Target and she thought that she would never recover it, what with Target being so big and Colleen's hatred of leaving the Highlands being so strong, especially when she just got home. So she came to the Knit Nook to complain about her lost hat and console herself with some good ol' fashion stitching and bitching. Heather was there and she said, "I'm actually going to Target right now. I'll look for your hat!" But everybody assumed that it was a lost cause, so we all lost ourselves in our knitting.

Not even an hour later, guess who came into the shop and guess what she had? (If you guessed that it was the Yarn Harlot personally delivering handknit socks for everyone, you would be wrong, but who can blame you for making such a guess because that would be totally awesome!) It was Heather! And she had Colleen's hat!

Turns out, somebody--probably recognizing the superior quality of the handknit among the Target clothes like a diamond in a pile of rocks--turned the hat at the Customer Service desk, and all Heather had to do was ask if anybody turned in a hat that was obviously not manufactured in a Chinese sweat shop. So thanks to Heather, Colleen got her hat back! Reunited and it feels so good!


Anonymous said...

Kristen, I can understand why you taught English. You have a very dramatic turn in your writing. I hope my grammer is correct. The hat looks better in the picture than it really does on my head. I love that hat. Colleen

the ballistic knitter said...

yeah it was a bummer missing out on the sale. but hey, the beer gloves are done!