Thursday, February 21, 2008

Water Thicker Than Yarn

Due to the terrible weather, we will be closing early today, Thursday, February 21st, at 1 pm. Stitch and Bitch is cancelled. We apologize, but you all will have to knit out of your stash today.

See you tomorrow.


Steven said...

Okay so I totally lost the pattern for the hat you printed for me. I have the gist of it until the point of decreasing though... can you send me a copy of it in email? I guess i left it at the coffee shop and it got thrown away :/

It was just the basic knit nook hat pattern.

Anonymous said...

Steven- If you have a multiple of 8 stitches (which I think you do), the decreases are-
*K6,K2 together*
Knit a round
*K5, K 2 together*
Knit a round
*K4, K 2 together*
Knit a round
See where I'm going with this?
Finally you'll get to Knit 2 together all the way around, and then you'll close up the top.

Steven said...

Ohhhh I remember now. It started at K8,K2 though I think... because I was changing it to start at K9 because I ended up casting on 100 stitches.

Thanks a bunch Cindy!