Friday, February 15, 2008

Happy Valentine's Day!

Or as my brother says, "Happy V. D.!"

This is my Valentine's Day package for my mom. I made the 4 embossed Hearts wash cloth found here out of some Creative Focus Cotton. I have also included a bar of rose soap, some organic rainforest chocolate, and some leftover crocheted hearts I made to decorate Jim's sock yarn bouquet for Wendi (he is seriously the best husband!) Those things were so fun to make, I seriously made twenty of them in just as many minutes. I wore a couple pinned to my shirt yesterday. (Nobody knew what they were because they curled so badly, so people were like, "Are those knitted shrimp?" And I was like, "No, they are crocheted hearts!")

And in other news, we finished the blanket! It looks great, y'all! Thanks to everyone who helped make it possible.

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~heather said...

I'm at a lost for words really...

Gratitude doesn't nearly express my feelings for all of those who have put love into this blanket. It's been quite difficult for me these days to see the silver lining, and the Nook clan has continually been there to show it to me. You guys rock!