Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Knitting for Animals

Earlier this week, Mason Dixon announced that they are hosting a Teeny Project Runway Contest. For those of you equally obsessed with dressing up animals and Project Runway, this is an opportunity to bring your obsessions together! (Can I tell you how excited I am?) The rules are that you have to knit an outfit for a non-living, non-human, non-teddy bear animal, an outfit outrageous enough to be deemed Project Runway worthy. Make it work and I'll see you on the runway!

Speaking of animals wearing clothes, here are some gratuitous dog pictures. This is my friend Lettie's dog Sleepdaddy wearing the cabled ear flap hat Lettie's mom made her for Christmas.

Even though I secretly believe that all animals should wear clothes, Sleepdaddy was born to wear hats. It's like how some women complain that they don't look good in hats because their hair is too short so they look like they're bald, Sleepdaddy looks great in hats because his floppy ears stick out of the bottom, despite the ear flaps. Harper, you better watch out! I think you're getting a sweater before long!

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Tonya said...

Oh my God - I have to come up with something for this . . .