Friday, February 6, 2009

Knit Misti for me...

Even after the sale, we still have a lot of Misti Alpaca yarns left, especially the Chunky
and the Hand paint Chunky.
One skein will make this scarf. It's a free pattern from the Misti Alpaca website.

Hand painted yarns can be pricey. But one skein? That's so easily justified!

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Anonymous said...

I bought my Misti Alpaca... it is sitting in my stash waiting for me to pick it up and make a scarf.

I have not bought colorscape because I don't know what I will want to make out of it ... a problem which has never stopped me from buying yarn before.'

I do go by the bin and squeeze the Misti every once in a while (okay, at least three or four times a week) and I have decided that it is much better than squeezing the Charmin.

The Mayor