Monday, February 23, 2009


Whitney just knit the cutest hat ever for her niece. From the current issue of Knitty, the Fishy (Dead or Alive?) Hat was knit completely out of left overs. The colors are fantastic and Whitney did an excellent job.

This pattern raises so many questions. Is the fish dangerous? It seems to be eating the child. But then again, the fish is most certainly dead (X's for eyes: the most important clue) and the kid is smiling. Why wouldn't she? Just the idea of wearing a dead fish for a hat makes me smile. And knitting it, even more so.

Me and Knitty don't always get along. First of all, there are always way too many sock patterns, and some items are of questionable taste. (Also, they rejected Tonya's Eptiome Hat, which made no sense whatsoever.) But you can't argue that Amy Singer has a great sense of humor. Knitty has a whole "whimsies" section in its archive. Also in the current issue is Socktopus, another fantastic stash buster, and the Oomingmacks Slippers. And can anybody forget the knitted uterus?


Tonya said...

Rejection or not, I am so in love what that socktapus (or however you spell it)! And Whitney's hat is awesome.

Holly said...

I love that you don't include the womb in the "items of questionable taste". Especially since I knit one!