Thursday, February 19, 2009

I'm back!

Thanks for all the kind words and nice notes about my trip to England. Haven't been back to the Knit Nook yet, but I know that you all did a fantastic job holding the fort down while I was gone. Thank you!

Here are some pictures of my trip. At the Bronte House, in Haworth, West Yorkshire. You knew you were in Yorkshire because as soon as we crossed the county line, sheep ran into the road. No joke!

Some pictures at the Museum of Science and Industry. They had a whole textiles section, including a few demonstrations about knitting. Here I am, trying to use the giant knitty notty, but the person who duct taped the rope "cast on" way too tightly!

Overall, our trip was nice, but 50+ hours of traveling in less than a week is exhausting! I didn't knit a stitch while I was gone. I'm glad to be home!


Anonymous said...

Glad you are back and glad you had a great trip. See you soon. Colleen

Tonya said...

We're glad you're home too. It looks like your trip was awesome!

The Mayor of the Knit Nook said...

Hope you like what we did with the shop while you were gone. Glad you had a good time.

If sheep had run across the parking lot here I would have tackled some and sheared them (with Stevens help of course). Suzanne would have dyed and spun some of the wool and Carla would have felted a new chair for the store. The rest of us would have been knitting up a storm ... after the fight for the colors we wanted.

We had a similar experience though (which was very close to sheep running by scenario mentioned above) ... we ended up with a few "herds" full of yarn for the shop ... not to mention all the cotton bales that gave themselves up to being spun into yarn. It was darned near (pun intended) close to the same amount of work as sheering and processing ourselves. Mary would not have recognized her own sheep when they finally wandered home.

We were happy to pitch in and help. We missed you and sure are glad you are back. Hope to see you later today

The Mayor