Thursday, February 5, 2009

Felted Bag Class

Felted bags are magical. They are very impressive looking. People will exclaim when you tell them that you made your bag: "You made that! How?"

If they don't knit, just shrug. Really build up the suspense of your own talents.

If they do, then they shouldn't be asking you how because they should already know how to make one since felted bags are seriously that easy. Tell them about the Felted Bag class at the Knit Nook, starting Tuesday, February 10, 6-8 pm.

A felted bag is so easy, you don't even have to purl. And the washing machine does all the felting for you.
Do you want to make the flower, too? Well, that's another class that isn't starting until April. So you will have plenty of time to knit all sorts of felted bags and then you make flowers out of the scraps.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

The flower is a lot prettier than in the photo! There are tons of other flower patterns too.
I am not a "pink" person, but this bag would be great in a lot of different colors, some painted yarns or in black with or without a red flower. Or even with a needle felted design. I can't wait to take that class.

I love felted bags! I am making another one right now. Felting is like watching a miracle take place. All uneven stitching and mistakes just disappear.
Of course, it goes without saying, I LOVE THE KNIT NOOK.

The Mayor