Saturday, February 14, 2009

I'm in England!

Sorry I haven't been blogging, but I'm in England!

Jonathan and I have been here since Thursday, and we'll be home on Wednesday. I haven't done much knitting (although I brought my February Lady on the plane), but I did see a knitting exhibit at the Manchester Museum of Science and Technology . There was also a coat made entirely of nettles!

I also bought this book and I've drank pints at the pubs Peveril on the Peak and the Britain's Protection.

I hope everybody at the Knit Nook is doing well and not giving Cindy, Suzanne, and Tonya a hard time while I'm gone. I miss you all!

When I get back and figure out the whole camera/pictures/computer thing, I'll post pictures of my trip!


Anonymous said...


The store has been completely changed since you left.


We hope you like the changes we have made and will allow us to keep coming to the Knit Nook.


The Mayor

Anonymous said...

Hi Kristin! It is 8:30 pm on Monday and I just got home because I was very, very busy at the store (sigh). Anyway, I hope you got my message that your house is still standing and Harper is great. If you try to call me tomorrow, don't panic if I don't answer- I have no idea where my phone is. Also, shouldn't people (Lauren) take the box out of the fridge when they take the LAST Diet Coke? Just asking. Love you and miss you. Mom

Anonymous said...

Hi Kristin, Glad you are enjoying yourselves. I can give you one hint about the store. No one has thrown out my chair yet so you will still know you are in the same place.

Enjoy and see you soon.

Anonymous said...

Update: Harper is out nosing in the compost and I found my phone (it was on the floor- Steven called it). Have fun.
Love Mom

Anonymous said...


We can't find the floor but Cindy did mop it before the yarn shipments came that are now covering it from one end of the store to the other. Not to worry, it is not quite knee deep yet and sales are up.

We may have discovered something here accidently. The regulars love leaving their shoes outside and squishing through the yarn. Some have even taken naps. As far as we know no one is missing. New customers are a bit timid at first but soon find themselves hooked, sometimes literally, which has resulted in even more sales. We can't even see the yarn bunnies.

Speaking of bunnies we did have a bit of a scare yesterday when Suzanne could not remember briefly whether or not she had brought Cardigan. She didn't.

Carla is busy needle felting a life size horse for Derby. Vi is knitting a felted purse. Margie has picked out some beautiful blue yarn to make something out of (to be determined). MaryBeth, seeing the amount of yarn, has given up on doll sweaters and is cranking out adult sweaters. Steven just shakes his head and smiles at us when he comes in.

Hope you are having a great time, we are.

The Mayor

Tonya said...

Someone left a present in the bathroom. I promise, it isn't what it sounds like!