Friday, October 12, 2007

A Cavalcade of Pictures

I have taken so many pictures in the last two weeks that haven't found their way onto the blog yet. So instead of crafting individual blog entries to showcase one or two pictures, I decided to load up one entry with as many images as blogger will allow and just describe them. (If this isn't evidence that I need a Flickr account, I don't know what is. Plus, Ravelery won't let you post non-Flickr photos.) Let the Cavalcade begin!

Suzanne spent last weekend spinning at the Little Loom House booth at St. James.

She also tried to sell some of her crocheted items (like this beautiful skirt), but unfortunately it was 150 degrees outside so not many people were in the market with hats and gloves.

As you all may know, Ruth had her baby this week. As far as I know, Holly is babyless at the moment, but she does have this beautiful Berroco Plush sweater that Jane made for her. Maybe she can have Bob practice dressing the panda until Vowella is born (since the only clue Holly has given us is that her baby's name begins with a vowel, that's what I've been secretly calling her in my head--ridiculous since Vowella doesn't even begin with a vowel!)

Nicole came in last week with her new baby, Jillian. Look how happy and healthy they both look!

And Leo came back to visit. By now he's old hat at visiting the LYS. Figuring on how young he is, and how he's been to the shop two or three times totally a couple of hours, he has probably spent a significant percentage of his life at the store. I know how ya feel, buddy!

The hot weather has made a lot of folks dig out smaller projects out of their stash to finish. Shelley is doubling Pastorcita for this scarf. Isn't it amazing how it's patterning up?

We got a huge shipment of GGH yarn. Cindy decided to make another cabled hat out of Bel Air. It's very soft.

And finally, it's cold enough to wear those sweaters we made last spring and summer. Here's Mitizi in her Blue Sky Cotton Fitted Tank. (She refers to it as "The Great Pumpkin" but regardless looks absolutely adorable on her.)

And here is Colleen in her Central Park Hoodie made out of Cascade 220. This is what happens when you're a teacher and you spend all summer hanging out at the Knit Nook. You go back to school wearing one of these. (Just ask Irene; the same thing happened to her.)

And Cindy has been hard at work knitting felted bags. She's been coming up with interesting novelty yarn combinations. In this one, she's combined Lamb's Pride Bulky with Louisa Harding Coquette, a sequined yarn. It really looks fantastic!

There has been general Entrelac Hat craziness. Here is my latest one, knit out of three colors of Debbie Bliss Rialto.

And here are three more I made, two out of Noro Silk Garden and one out of Noro Kureyon.

Wendi is making something that shall remain nameless (to protect the innocent).

While Mitzi is starting a Central Park Hoodie.

In fact, Rebecca caught the Central Park Hoodie bug as well. They are both making theirs out of Cascade 220 (see the bit about Colleen to get the appropriate hyperlinks).

Rebecca also made a few Umbilical Cord Hats from Stitch & Bitch out of the Mission Falls 1824 Cotton.

And she is working on a very collegiate Harry Potter-ish scarf out of Cascade 220.

Margie finished her Spiral Boot Socks. In fact, in other Margie/knee sock related news, she is salvaging the infamous Flame sock so that it will fit her son. Now she's talking about adjusting the gauge on her second knee sock. Godspeed, Margie!

And Jess spent last Stitch and Bitch cutting up plastic bags to make this. I always find knitting with things besides yarn very difficult. (I also feel that knitting with yarn is sometimes difficult). Good luck, Jess!

Whew! That's all I got.


erin said...

dang! that is a lot!

Lora said...

Whoa!! There's some great projects there!!!! Thanks for sharing!

Carol said...

Great update! How creative you are with baby names - Love it! Vowella indeed

Tonya said...

What's the ETA on the Jo Sharp?