Tuesday, October 30, 2007

FO: They Just Keep Coming!

Once upon a time, Margie bought some blue yarn. (Yeah, I know, you've heard this story before, but this one has a different ending.) Margie bought Rowan Scottish Tweed to make a sweater, which she did. She knitted a beautiful cardigan with indigo button bands. But it wasn't quite right. Was it too big? Too small? Too hot? Not quite what she expected? All of these things have happened before to Margie's, so pick a reason and that's why she decided to rip it out. But what became of the yarn? Some of the yarn went on to be a French market bag with fair isle, but it was a disaster. Should she make another bonnet hat? Margie just wasn't sure.

But then her oldest son asked if she would make him a sweater vest. "Well, okay," Margie said. "But you better be satisfied with it, however it turns out!" (A strange request coming from Margie, but that's the difference between knitting for yourself and knitting for somebody else.)

Lucky for Marty, the sweater vest came out just fine!

He even stopped by the shop to show us. He even said, "Tell my mom I stopped by wearing the vest!"

He even brought Irene for a witness. Look at the two of them: those Mudds were just born to wear hats!

In other knitting news, Wendi came to last week's Stitch and Bitch wearing her Wicked sweater by Zephyr Style, knitted out of Art Yarns Merino.

And Pam stopped by in her Calmer vest. The pattern called for a wool tweed yarn, but Pam substituted a cotton/acrylic blend to make it a more versatile piece. And doesn't she look festive?

And here are Leslie and Heather showing off their fingerless gloves with a dainty Queen wave. Leslie's is made out of Mission Falls wool in one of the new tri-colors and Heather's is Debbie Bliss cashmerino aran. Don't they look Fetching?

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