Saturday, October 20, 2007

Finished Objects and New Yarn!

Since the weather has cooled down a bit, a lot more hand knit sweaters have come out of hiding. Mitzi showed up in her Katia Jamaica pullover like it wasn't a big deal. She did such a good job, half the folks in the shop at the time didn't realize she had made her sweater.

Cindy has continued making Buttonhole Bags like there's no tomorrow. I love this combination of Gray and Yellow Lamb's Pride and the Louisa Harding Flotsam (now 30% off).

And remember the hat I started making from two failed and frogged projects? Heather loved it and decided to make it for a friend, with some Fetching fingerless mitts to match.

And now for the new yarn!
The Naturwolle is a beautiful variegated yarn that felts like a dream and works up to the same gauge as Lamb's Pride Bulky. (I made this felted bag last year at the movies. Literally. I knitted the bottom waiting for the lights to dim, picked up the stitches in time for the previews, and was knitting the straps in the car on the way to the pizza place.)

Just check out all the amazing colors.

And you may all remember the O-wool hat Cindy was working on before.

Well, the O-wool came in this week. Check out all the beautiful colors!

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Tonya said...

Hooray for O-Wool!! And that hat you/Heather made is great.