Wednesday, October 3, 2007

One Good Thing About Hot & Humid October

I think we can blame it on the weather. Despite the unrelenting 90 degree heat, it's October. My allergies are blazing, my nose is running, and I'm sweating. I can barely drink hot coffee. A sweater is out of the question. Last week at the shop, we got to talking about how much knitting we've finished but have yet to wear. Whole sweaters, washed and blocked since last spring, waiting for a crisp fall day.

And while plenty of folks are even starting new sweaters and finishing those, I just can't bring myself to do it. So I started digging around in my stash.

This is a sweater I started last spring out of Katia Linen and Noro Tidiori. I made it up, meaning it didn't look nearly as awesome in real life as it did in my head.

So I tore it out and started knitting this. I paired the Tidiori with some Jo Sharp Silk Road Aran that used to be a vest. (I bought it when I worked at my old yarn store and it's been five years at least.) I'm thinking about recycling the Linen as a bag, maybe the one from No Sheep for You everybody seems to be making.

I've decided that until the weather cools off, I'm just going to raid my stash and knit small things. It's the only thing I think I can tolerate in this heat.

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The_Add_Knitter said...

Oh I am so with you regarding the big, hot projects. I'm sticking to socks for the moment. It is DISGUSTING here as well with no break in site!:(