Monday, November 30, 2009

Hat and Mitten Class

We've got our first Hat and Mitten Class of the season starting tomorrow night (that's Tuesday, December 1 for those of you still confused from Thanksgiving about what day it is). What surprises me is that only one person has signed up. Now, people, I know it hasn't been very cold outside and that you haven't needed a hat or mittens when venturing out of doors, but you will! In a few short weeks (or even days, according to some) the weather around here will get very chilly and you will wonder if your basic knitting skills could somehow convert a few skeins of yarn into precious items of winter warm clothing. And then you'll be sorry that you didn't take advantage of this special opportunity!

So, to review: Tuesday, December 1, 6 pm. The Knit Nook. Hat and Mittens Class. Sign up.

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