Monday, June 16, 2008

When Knitting is Work

We knit because we love it. Or because we are going to finish the thing if it freaking kills us.

Margie finally finished the flame socks. Almost a year in the making, but they're done and Joey wears them proudly. It's like the Christmas stocking I just finished. Usually I'm a process knitter. I look at a project and think about how much fun it will be. And afterwards, I could care less about it. Not this stocking. Intarsia, with all those bobbins and tangling strings, drives me up a wall. Give me a cable chart 200 lines long. I'll knit with the most slipperiest silk and make that lace work. But I did nothing but complain while making this stocking. But the fact is, I think it looks awesome, so I've cast on for another. I'll finish knitting it if it freaking kills me.

The Central Park Hoodie was actually fun to make. But there is something about heavy sweater knitting in the summer. It makes sense to knit with the next season in mind. I know, that's what Elizabeth Zimmerman always suggested. But as soon as it got warm, I got completely bogged down. (This may seem bizarre coming from the person who just finished a Christmas stocking in June.)
But I finished it.

Even if it almost killed me.


Tonya said...

The look of proud disgust makes the stocking picture. (Disgust at the intarsia, not the FO. The argyle is super.)

I was admiring the CPH yesterday. It's great!

Ceece said...

Oh how I love that color yarn that you're making the hoodie out of!