Friday, June 6, 2008

Two socks. Two needles. One victory.

I was doing so well, and then all of a sudden it's June 6 already? What? But Derby was last week, wasn't it? What the heck happened to May? Well, I vaguely recollect cool weather and a lot of gardening. But now that it's hot and humid (and didn't that happen almost immediately?) there's no better way to spend an afternoon than knitting inside with air conditioning blowing on my face, drinking an iced tea from Highland Coffee.

So even though this happened a few weeks ago, we need to celebrate Jan and her first pair of socks. So we had this sock class. And Jan--whose knitting skills have grown leaps and bounds in the last couple of months since she learned how to knit--decided to knit a pair of socks. Using size 2 needles and Kaffe Fasset's beautiful sock yarn (interjection: Kaffe has a new chunky weight wool coming out this fall called Colorscapes. We fondled it yesterday during our visit with the Rowan rep and it is *fantastic*). But that wasn't enough of a challenge. Jan decided to nip Second Sock Syndrome (SSS) in the bud by knitting two socks at the same time.

It was like the whole class was made up of lemmings and as they jumped off the cliff, I was the lemming sensible enough to say, "Don't you think jumping off the cliff isn't the best idea?" but I guess I wasn't convincing enough because nobody listened to me. So everybody in the class decided to make two socks at the same time. (Personally, I hate it. It just seems like twice as much work and I'm always getting twisted and tangled. It's like intarsia, which I also hate. More about that when I post about my argyle Christmas stocking.)
But Jan was the only one who finished her socks. You should have seen her, about half an hour after this picture was taken. She swung the freshly freed and finished socks around her head and screamed profanity out of sheer joy. It was really a sight to behold.
PS- Did you guys know that the whole lemmings jumping off of cliffs thing was a hoax perputrated by the Disney documentarians who reported it? I guess the lemmings weren't that interesting, so the producer chased them off the cliff so that the camera guy could film them from the bottom.
So maybe people who knit two socks at a time aren't so crazy after all.


Balls of Yarn said...

everyone should look out if Jan and I ever complete socks at the same time, in the same room!

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