Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Knitting For Others

Two weeks ago, a friend of Heather's was killed in a motorcycle accident. Heather, being the good friend that she is, has been very supportive of his wife (also a good friend of hers), but as a knitter felt like she could do more. Heather wanted to make a blanket, in the colors that he most loved, so that his wife can wrap herself up and maybe feel a little comfort. But as awesome as she is, Heather is only one woman, and she knew that if left alone to knit a blanket, her friend would be lucky to get it this summer.

But that's the thing about hanging out at a yarn store: you get to know a lot of knitters. We have been collecting 8 in X 8 in squares in orange, knitted and crocheted, in cottons and wools, in all sorts of stitches. We'll continue to collect squares through the weekend and then we'll crochet them together. As Holly so eloquently blogged, community knitting projects--even when initiated through tragedy--are always a wonderful thing to witness.

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