Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Being on TV and other news

We were on TV this morning! Here I am, knitting with Keith Kaiser of Fox in the Morning fame. Despite the fact that we had to be at the shop at 4 am and we were all a little nervous about having a good hair day, being on TV was pretty fun. And Keith Kaiser is a knitting natural! We're getting a DVD of the show in case you missed it, but check out one of the segments on the Fox 41 website.

Vi and Suzanne also braved the early morning to be on TV. (And as one of our customers said, "As far as I'm concerned, there is no 4 in the morning!") Colleen and Wendy also made cameo appearances. And Suzanne brought her angora bunny, Cardigan. She totally stole the show.

Seriously, check this bunny out! She loved sitting on top of the sewing box under the table. You gotta be crazy to not think this rabbit is the cutest! (Paul, I'm talking to you!)

I know that I've said this before, but this is totally the year of the male knitter. Not only did Keith Kaiser come in today, but consistently we've had four or five guys at Stitch and Bitch every week. Here's Paul, Steven, and Jeff, knitting away.

And here's Kevin, using double pointed needles.

And here's Sam, posing with double pointed needles.

Now if we can only teach Cardigan to knit, we might be able to get on Ellen!


house on hill road said...

sorry to miss all the fun!

Tonya said...

Cardigan is ADORABLE!

I can't get the clips to play on my computer, but I want to see the dvd when you get it.