Sunday, August 5, 2007

Ruth: the most prolific of the pregnant knitters?

This past Sunday, we hosted a baby shower. Blogful Holly and Tonya were in attendance. Blogless Ruth used this opportunity to show off what she's knit for the little sprout so far. She brought a box. A full box.

A lot of the pieces Ruth made are of her own design. Like this adorable bunny hat.

Or these Booties in the Round, knit in the most stimulating colors for developing baby genius brains. (Ruth has given us this pattern and it will be posted free on this blog.)

Or in sold colors if outfit coordination trumps brain improvement.
Or Ruth adapted other people's patterns and made them her own, like this baby hoodie turned shearling chic (and modeled so nicely by Colleen).

But like I said, Ruth brought a box. So as she displayed her hand knits, the pile started to grow.

And grow...

Until it practically covered our entire table! Ruth says when the baby outgrows most of these items, she's donating them to the Center for Women and Families. Wow. Pregnancy is just the gift that keeps on giving! Way to go, Ruth!


Lora said...

Ruth is so awesome!! I miss her! I used to knit with her when I lived in Louisville! :) She rocks!

Yarnlover said...

Hi I am hoping that this reaches Ruth. I would like a copy of the corrected pattern of the Perfect Baby Booties. I have the copy that is here but I understand it has errors in it. I am a new knitter and have problems with finding or correcting errors in patterns. :(
I would love to make these booties, they are so cute.
I hope you can help me.
Thank you,