Sunday, January 9, 2011

More baby pictures (by popular demand)

Mitzi requested more pictures of Mary Hadley. How am I to refuse such a request (especially when it's made by a brand new grandma?) I was also criticized at Stitch and Bitch for not dressing MH in any hand knits. So here's killing two birds with one blog entry.

Here she is in her Eloise Eyelet Cardigan. A few weeks later, and it's fitting a bit better. (MH is a month old now!)

And here she is in the One Skein Hooded Baby Sweater (rav link) that Mimi (aka Cindy) knit for her.

Posing for pictures is difficult work!


Anonymous said...

She is so cute, but I'm sure she is thinking "why do I have to do this". I would rather be eating or sleeping. Colleen

Adrienne said...

MH looks just like Cindy!