Thursday, March 11, 2010

St. Tropez

Remember this sweater?
Yeah, I barely remembered it either. I entered it in the fair last year and then I brought it over to Cindy's to block and I never saw it again. That is, until I went over to her house to watch the Oscars and I wore it home.

I wore the sweater yesterday (yep, still unblocked). It's comfortable and as flattering as any hand knit I've ever made (which means, it's still wonky, but pretty much wearable--hey, maybe BLOCKING might solve some of those issues!) But it's a cotton sweater! With short sleeves! And it's called St. Tropez which sounds so tropical! So wearing my wonky, unblocked St. Tropez, I felt intoxicated. I ate some questionable sushi, drank too much wine, and almost adopted a dog over the phone.

I had so much fun making bad decisions, that I decided to wear it again today!

Pattern: St Tropez by Sarah Hatton (Rowan Mag #45)
Yarn: Cotton Glace (the gray was frogged from another sweater, the red was from the shop--I don't remember how much. Aren't I so helpful?)


Holly said...

I'm worried you might still be intoxicated! lol

Angela Mobley said...

hahaha Adrienne called you too!!!
i hear he is a REALLY sweet dog ;)
LOVE the sweater.

Kristin said...

Yeah, Angela, Desmond is really sweet. So sweet that I adopted him! So now I have a new sweater and a new dog!