Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Happy Spring!

I know the weather is chilly and rainy right now, but it is Spring! We've had a few days when it's been undeniable. We'll have a few more days this weekend.

If you've been around the Knit Nook lately, you are aware of the current season.

Take these birdies for instance. Becca made the blue bird (free pattern here) and the Mayor made the yellow duckie (which I can't find the pattern for on Ravelry--but have you ever done a search for "bird"? It's AMAZING!) Both projects were knit (yep! not all adorable animals are crocheted) out of washcloth cotton.

Our Mayor threw herself into Easter knitting. She also made a mama sheep (with removable coat) and baby sheep out of Plush. The pattern is called Sheep in Sheep's Clothing--how cute is that? [rav link] The Easter bunny was good to some grandchildren this year!

You just had to check out their little butts, too. Look at blue bird's tail feathers!

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The Mayor of the Knit Nook said...

The pattern the "bird" began as a "chick" and turned into a baby "duck", much like the bear pattern for "otto" turned into "Harper the dog".

The original pattern is called "Chick and Egg", by Alan Dart on Ravelry. The pattern also has an adorable egg that is broken in half that I did not knit.

There is something quite satisfying about making a little item that can be finished in one sitting. I feel less angst about all the projects I have on the needles that need to be finished.

I hope everyone had a wonderful Easter.

Jane aka the Mayor