Tuesday, April 7, 2009

The Bear turns into a Dog

First, Tonya made Otto. (Read her blog post about it here.) Then, we decided to schedule a class (Sunday, June 7, 14, and 21--read the description here.)

A friend of mine who moved away last year just had a baby. I decided to make an Otto.

But the more I knitted, the more I kept declaring that its cute little face "looked just like my dog, Harper."

So the bear became a dog.

For those of you unfamiliar with my dog, he only has three legs.

There he is, lifting his stump to pee on a fire hydrant--just like the real Harper. I always tell him that he's such a cliche when he does that.
Can I just say that when I was taking these pictures, there was a man picking his daughter up from the school across the street, and he started talking to me about the stuffed animal and I couldn't understand a single word he said. And that's when I realized he was speaking in German. What the...?


The Mayor of the Knit Nook said...

Ich fragte mich, warum das Feuer Hydrant immer roch wie nasser Wolle.

The Mayor

Tonya said...

I love the Harper stuffed animal! All the new customers ask about his stump.

The Mayor of the Knit Nook said...

For those of you who want to translate comment but do not know the language .... it's german.

The Mayor