Friday, March 27, 2009

Yosemite Class

The Yosemite Sweater Class has already started, so posting about it now seems a little bit of too little, too late.

But it's a beautiful sweater! It comes in a lot of sizes! It's flattering on many body types! It's a great year round addition to your wardrobe! And now, this class is on sale!

That's right. Sign up for the Yosemite Sweater Class by next Wednesday, April 1 and you only have to pay $55.

What the heck? Sign up for the Yosemite Sweater Class by Wednesday, April 8, and you only have to pay $44.

So if you want to take a sweater class, but feel like a whole 6 weeks is a serious commitment, we are ready to offer you a more casual relationship. 4 weeks of a 6 week sweater class offered at a discount? Let's just call that friends with benefits.

For more information about the Yosemite Sweater Class (or all of the other classes we offer), check out our website.


Tonya said...

I think it's a great idea to offer discounts on classes that have already started!

The Mayor of the Knit Nook said...

Great sweater ! I love the one in the shop ... the yarn is yummy.
So much to knit ... so little time ....

The Mayor

Jenney said...

This is a gorgeous sweater. I live near Yosemite Nat'l Park but am moving to Louisville in May. I went searching for a yarn store to see if I will survive east of the Rockies and this sweater confirmed it for me.

I'll look forward to coming in when we get there!

Tours4Fun said...

That was a lovely sweater and it's a great idea that you are offering good discounts on classes that have already started.