Monday, March 2, 2009


There is also the debate about what to do with extra sock yarn. It's too pretty to just throw away. Sock knitters--always gluttons for punishment--will just use the extra yarn in a new pair of socks, heels or toes, or whatever. I've held it together with plain wool to add color to a hat. Sharri has started knitting condom cozies out of her left over sock yarn (way to update the whole cozy phenomenon, Sharri!).

Or you could follow Heather's lead and knit a Socktopus. She has eight legs that need eight little socks (or leg warmers as the case might be) which is just perfect for sock yarn left overs.

And even though those of us who have seen Coraline recently shuddered at the button eyes, she really is an adorable lady!


Sharripie said...

I had no idea that what I thought was a passing comment would make it onto the blog! What fun! I'll make sure to bring in a couple finished ones for the next SnB.

The Mayor of the Knit Nook said...

Now I know where all the lost socks have gone! I love the way Heather made this ... each sock is coordinated with the one next to it. Now I want one ... another project added to my already long list.

The Mayor