Friday, April 18, 2008

Liz's FO!

I've never posted any of Liz's Finished Objects on this blog. This is absolutely amazing considering how many objects she has finished (just think about the socks alone!) and how I've been blogging for about a year (can you believe it?). Maybe it's because until very recently Liz had her own blog. Maybe it's because I've been less than consistent about taking pictures at the shop. Whatever the excuse, Liz pointed out the fact that her achievements have been absent on the Knit Nook blog, so it's about time that I correct such a egregious error.

So here goes.

The new All Season's Cotton book is full of wearable sweaters. Nobody noticed this sweater until one got sent to the shop.

Maybe it's the powder blue color that looks good on everybody. Maybe it's the stretchy cotton and acrylic yarn. But this sweater looks good on everyone who tried it on. No joke. We've been referring to the phenomenon as the Sisterhood of the Travelling Sweater.

So Liz decided to make one herself. She chose the powder pink from the book ("Liz knit pink? What a shock!" she wrote sarcastically) and after struggling with her gauge ("Liz obsessed about her gauge and used much smaller needles than was originally called for? I'm so surprised!" she noted in a snarky parenthetical aside), she finished the sweater. And it was too small.

But not really. As you can see, Liz looks lovely in her Lacy Sweater. The color is very flattering and so is the fit. But Liz fidgeted like nobody's business in her sweater. She was even afraid that she looked like a hoochie. ("Yes, Liz, you look like such a hussy in your long sleeved hand knit sweater with a shirt on underneath," we responded in the most mocking of tones.) But as you can see (because I'm finally blogging about it), Liz knitted a very adorable object. And I think she eventually realized that she did, too.


Tonya said...

That sweater looks AMAZING.

Liz, you're crazy. You look awesome.

Balls of Yarn said...

i changed the name of my blog. it's now, instead of ballisticknitter.