Friday, April 11, 2008

Cobblestone: Kevin vs. Jane

The Cobblestone by Jared Flood has been a favorite around here (think boy version of the Central Park Hoodie). Jane and Kevin both started a Cobblestone around the same time. So Jane decided that they were racing.

First, Jane was a head (which is probably what prompted her to announce the race, since she was winning already). But hubris got the best of Jane when she forgot to add the garter stitch details along each side of the sweater and she was forced to knit the body of the sweater over again.

his indecision at the get-go, Kevin is a hardworking knitter, and he was soon in the lead. (Check out his progress here.)

But then we received this email:

At ten last night I finished the cobblestone. I spent a while this morning weaving in ends ... still a few to go. I was trying to send a photo but for some reason I cannot get it to load into the computer.

Please be sure to tell KEVIN that I finished first! HA HA!

Unfortunately, Kevin didn't like the wrap and turns on his short rows, so he was in the process of re-knitting his yoke. Since his sweater was off the needles anyway, he tried it on--and after some hilarious Flash Dance moves--he asserted that his sweater fits. Phew! One less thing to agonize over!

But even if he didn't win the race, Kevin still will end up with a pretty awesome sweater.


Tonya said...

I love the Cobblestone pattern - I can't wait to see Jane and Kevin's finished knits!

house on hill road said...

flash dance moves indeed!

The Ballistic Knitter said...

ah man! good grief Kristin you need to chop my head off that photo - please and thanks very much! keep the sweater part of the pic up, though - it rocks.

Erin, c'mon - who you kiddin'? i saw that yarn you were buying for "hats for the kids" - it's really for leg warmers, idn't it?!

Holly said...

It's hard to lose at knitting. Unless what you knit sucks, which clearly the Cobblestone sweater does not.