Sunday, April 22, 2007

Perdues in Paradise Alpaca Farm

Last Thursday was the annual shearing at Perdues in Paradise Alpaca Farm in Taylorsville, KY. Suzanne Steiger (, her three-year old daughter Paloma, and me were there!Paloma was apprehensive of the alpacas. She even hesitated when given a chance to nuzzle with a baby alpaca.
Paloma is crazy. Look at how fuzzy he is! (And his fiber is the softest and most expensive.)

But to her credit, the shearing was a bit intense. They tie the alpacas down when they shear them. The alpacas, being sensitive animals, are none too pleased and make groaning and bleating sounds.

But these guys totally know what they're doing. Every spring, they come all the way from New Zealand to shear animals all across the country.

And here's the finished product.


Still, Paloma felt much better outside the barn, hanging out with the "alpaca dog" as she called him.

The Knit Nook will start carrying roving and yarn from Perdues in Paradise Alpaca Farm in a few weeks. Nothing like farm fresh fibers!

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