Monday, April 23, 2007

WIP and FO!

I'm glad to see that weather doesn't dictate knitting enthusiasm around the Nook. Here is a sampling of some of the Works in Progress and Finished Objects.

First of all, everyone has been captivated by the Elsebeth Lavold yarns we started carrying, particularly the Silky Wool. Mitzi loved this sweater, but wanted something a bit brighter. The On Line Egyptian cotton she chose couldn't be more perfect.

Mitzi always looks so put together, her style is as cheerful as she always is, and we think this sweater is just going to be ideal!

While the rest of us will stay up every night in December to finish another Irish Hiking Scarf, Vi has gotten a jump start on her Christmas knitting. She has finished the tea cozy from Knitter's Stash.

And speaking of knitting for others, Pam has started a pair of skull socks for her 17 year old son. (It must be contagious because Margie is starting a pair of flame socks for her son.) With the help of Ann Budd's book The Knitter's Handy Book of Patterns, Pam developed this pattern on her on, even the color work! Pam is thinking about submitting her socks to the state fair. Can you believe that she just learned how to make socks six months ago?


Robin said...

Love the skull socks!!! Is Pam going to share her pattern???? (hint, hint) :-)

The Knit Nook said...

I'll ask her tonight at Stitch and Bitch. (She might not want to divulge such information lest someone attempt to thwart her efforts at winning a blue ribbon at the KY state fair, but Pam's a generous sort.)