Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Kentucky State Fair, 2010

The Kentucky State Fair is over, so hopefully you all got your fill of donut burgers, fried butter, farm animals, and Joan Jett. I didn't bother going. I'm six months pregnant. Which means no beer tent and food poisoning would be even more unpleasant than normal. Not to mention the heat.

The only thing I felt like I missed out on were the textiles, but luckily, some of our customers sent me pictures of some winning entries. The Knit Nook really represented this year!

Suzanne entered Paloma's owl sweater [rav link], but it didn't win anything. Suzanne said that the fair was just lousy with owls this year. (Just do a Ravelry search for "owls" and you'll see that it's true.) But her beautiful alpaca shawl won second place. We think that the colors were just a tad subtle and dark which is why she didn't win first. But she's got a strategy for next year.

Sharri entered three things and won three ribbons. The Bob Dobbs vest she made for her hubby won a ribbon (no, that's not intarsia; crazy lady did the color work in DUPLICATE STITCH!)

Her Piper hat and scarf set (and Sharri made up the scarf pattern herself to match the hat) won a ribbon.

And her Bex socks (no picture--Sharri, if you have a pic, send it!) also won a ribbon. Good job, Sharri!
Mary Beth's Dale of Norway ski sweater won third place. It's an exquisite piece of craftsmanship (she steeked the armholes for crying out loud!), but unfortunately for Mary Beth, craftsmanship doesn't seem to be a requirement for ribbon-winning at the KY state fair. Cute always beats difficult.

Mary Beth's gloves won second place, which I would have said was a travesty, if they hadn't been overlooked all together last year. So at least they were recognized. Finally!

Martha's crochet wedding purse won a blue ribbon. It's absolutely gorgeous. There are beads and everything. This purse is so lovely, that it has actually converted some people to crochet. Seriously. Martha worked on it in the shop and we had two people sign up for Beginning Crochet.

So remember Mary Beth's exquisite Dale of Norway ski sweater with the steeks and the colorwork? This is what won the blue ribbon. Jane's Sheep Yoke Baby Sweater (free pattern on Ravelry). But honestly, it's adorable.

And remember Suzanne's owl sweater that didn't win? This won a ribbon instead. Jane's Top Down Raglan. (Man, it's a wonder Jane can even show her face around this shop! If she wasn't the Mayor, I'd be worried for her safety!)

But Jane wasn't finished winning ribbons. Her Noni purse with the fairy garden needle felting won Honorable Mention.

Of course, there were plenty more Knit Nookers who submitted items to the fair and won ribbons. If you know of anybody else or have any other pictures to share, please email them to me! Congratulations, everybody! I hope you treated yourselves to some deep fried butter because you deserve it!


Sharripie said...

Thanks for posting these pics! It was awesome seeing so many Knit Nookers do so well at the fair. I don't know if this sock photo will work, but I'll post the link to the flickr. http://www.flickr.com/photos/24754672@N08/4949878026/

The Knit Nook said...

Sorry for misspelling your name! I fixed it, though!

Anonymous said...

I just can't believe you wouold write this about one of your best customers and helpers!!

Anonymous said...