Monday, August 3, 2009

The Knit Nook Beer Summit

To celebrate our soon to be post-racial society (or at the very least, good old fashioned conflict resolution over a couple of brewskies), we held our own Beer Summit at the Knit Nook last Thursday in honor of the brew-haha at the White House.

Ethel drank the Professor's beer of choice (though I heard later that he switched to Sam Adams), Ruth had a Blue Moon ala the Cop, and Colleen--the ever dedicated Democrat--drank a King of Beers for Obama. We might not have solved the world's problems, but we had a nice evening, and didn't get so sloshed that we couldn't pick up our dropped stitches.

Thanks, Ruth, for the picture. She has demanded that the Knit Nook blog could use more pictures, and I couldn't agree more. So if you've brought your camera to the shop and taken pictures, please email them to me!