Friday, October 17, 2008

Took Me Out to the Ball Game...

I've finally rescued the pictures from my digital camera.

Now that it feels like summer is finally over, and baseball is pretty much over (the Red Sox are still in play, but just barely), what better time than to talk about a baseball game that happened three months ago! Back in July, the Knit Nook hosted our first ever Stitch N Pitch at Slugger Field.
Wow, July really was a long time ago. Courtney is still pregnant in this picture and little Sam was born two months ago! Also braving the heat and the uncomfortable seats were Lara and Leslie.

Mylea (wearing a handknit tank made of Katia Jamaica cotton), Colleen, and (part of) Kevin were there...

As well as Mitzi, Margie, and Marty (Was there an M section? If so, why wasn't Mylea sitting there?)

Bekah (who along with Mitzi, were actually interested in both the knitting and the game) was there. And so were Kyle and Lisa, who appeared to be enjoying the baseball game the same way I do (junk food and beer).

And I even got Jonathan to come!

It was a great time and we will definitely be doing it again next summer!

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Tonya said...

Leslie's cotton candy looks gooood!!

Better late than never on the photos!!