Monday, December 3, 2007

Good Folk Fest 2007!

This weekend was the Good Folk Fest down at the Mellwood Art Center. Suzanne and I were there, selling our handmades.

Here is a picture of our booth. Suzanne is trying very hard not to notice that I'm taking a picture of her.

You probably recognize most of it. It's all from the shop. A lot of our customers came by this weekend and were overcome with recognition. "I remember this! I took that class! Wow, you haven't had this yarn for over a year!"

It was hard to pretend to be a "professional knitter" all weekend. Folks would come by and ask, "Did you knit all of these scarves?" And I would answer, "Yes. I mean--Irene knit that one for a yarn trade and my mom made those two, and I think I made that one when we moved that yarn to the sale bin--" And the ladies would just stare at me and slowly start to back away.

When I wasn't confusing people with my inability to answer a question, it went pretty well. Overall, the weekend was a success. Met a lot of great people, listened to a lot of great music, and generally had a great time. Good Folk Fest? More like Great Folk Fest!

Even Suzanne's son Zack had a great time!


anessa said...

Your booth looked very nice---Lots of lovely things to buy! Hope you did well~ I had a great time too!

Tonya said...

Zach makes a great knitwear model.