Friday, September 21, 2007

Leo's First LYS Visit!

Last week, Leo made his first venture out into the world. Where do you think his momma took him? Knit Nook's Stitch and Bitch of course! (While some, acquainted with the adventurous knitting and the raucous bitching, might disapprove, saying, "You might as well have taken that vulnerable infant to a biker bar before the smoking ban!" be reassured that we were on our best behavior.)

So Leo made the rounds and met everyone...

...while Tonya met the supplies for her Tangle Yoke Cardigan! This sweater is proving to be this year's Central Park Hoodie! Tonya has selected Silky Wool for her project, which has the same gauge as the Felted Tweed.

Here is a picture of the Tangled Yoke Cardigan. So far, Liz, Tonya, and Erin have started it, while multitudes are still discussing it (including me).

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erin said...

started may be a bit of a stretch! but i can't wait.