Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Summer Knitting (had me a blast)

Just because I haven't been blogging, doesn't mean we haven't been busy. There has been a lot of knitting and crocheting going on, and here's just a taste.

Everybody has been making the Mason Dixon Buttonhole Bags. They are very quick, easy, and are excellent stash busters. Every one of these bags has utilized previously purchased yarn.

My fair isle baby sweater has been steeked (although I did get my mommy to sew it up with the machine since it always takes me an hour to sew up anything, damned bobbin thread!) It's still a work in process, however. Now that the hard part is over and boring ol' button bands are left, I've moved on to more interesting things.

Tonya continues to knit for baby Leo. This is Bobbi Bear. You can see more details about Tonya's baby knitting on her blog.

But nobody has been more industrious than Irene. Now that summer is here, Irene isn't slowed down by such troublesome things as school, and her knitting is really benefiting. She's started on the Central Park Hoodie, probably finished twenty hats and mittens in the last two weeks (no joke!), but here she is making some fingerless gloves.

And what does she carry all of her notions in? Why, her new Commonwealth of Kentucky carrying case, complete with Johnny Depp collage.

But what about her stitch markers? Why, they are in a smaller case marked Jefferson County!

Don't you wish you had been as cool as Irene when you were twelve?


The_Add_Knitter said...

Thanks for your help, Kenric finished his Buttonhole bag that very night, can you believe it?!!

The Knit Nook said...

I'm telling you, those bags knit up like nobody's business! Thanks again for visiting our store. I'm adding you to our blog list right now!


Robin said...

We should have a class on the Central Park Hoodie (hint, hint!)

Holly said...

Actually, yes, I do wish I had been as cool as Irene when I was 12! Ah, the regrets of a misspent youth.

cindy said...

Forget when I was twelve- I wish I was as cool as Irene right now!